The Footmuff Anorak


Features that makes it so special

UNIVERSAL – patent pending 3 point attachment mechanism make it quick and easy to use.



TIME SAVING – lightweight fabric that can simply be ‘air dried’.


DSC00544_Fotor_Collage Time Saving

USABILITY – front flap for child to get in and out easily.

DSC00512_Fotor 512_Fotor_Collage Usability

COMPACT – store in an integral pouch

DSC00524_Fotor_Collage compact

Our Story

Those early days when I needed a buggy for my son Charles every day, I would often find that the buggy footmuff was damp and muddy. I didn’t like the way it looked, felt and most importantly didn’t want to put my precious boy into something that wasn’t perfectly cosy. Spending what little spare time I had removing, washing and drying the footmuff was not a favored use of my time.

I needed an anorak for my sons buggy footmuff so that I could concentrate on the more fun things in life!

I searched the market - it was possible to buy a waterproof footmuff (but the fiddly removing, bulky washing & drying problem would remain), but I could not find anything quick and easy to attach and release that was lightweight and compact that you could always have on hand to use on those 'puddley' days to keep the child's footmuff perfectly cosy. So, I set about creating a ‘footmuff anorak’.

My first prototype was made from a Waitrose plastic bag! With the assistance of Roberta Blackler and her super sewing machine skills, my drawings and plastic bag prototypes were brought to life - I wish Charles would still fit in a buggy so that I could use it myself!

Product Story

The logo journey began with a favourite photo I had taken of Charles,  Roberta (Mum) created a pastel picture titled ‘Sunshine & Showers’ from this photo, both the photo and picture inspired me to create the puddle time logo.

DSC_0005_Fotor_Collage logo journey

The designs are registered, the prototypes are finalised – we are ready to launch the product to market!

Our Team



Creator and Founder


All things technical with a creative flair


Inspiration Lead & Chief Tester
Roberta (Mum)

Roberta (Mum)

Artist & a whizz on the sewing machine


Team entertainment

We need your support

Our next step is to get the product into production and we need your help backing our project. Secure yourself one of the first footmuff anoraks, or some of our other lovely rewards by clicking the 'Support us now' button below.
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